A day of confusion and pastries gone astray
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

By now, I should know that when I don’t get enough sleep for a couple of days, I will always screw up. Coffee didn’t help. It all started when I finished my pithivier (see in the pictures) early and Chef asked me to help prep ingredients for puff pastry.

Pithivier. We start by rolling 2 circles of puff pastry dough. An almond cream is piped in between the 2 layers of dough brushed with water and pressed down with your fingers. Now, you've got a nice sun hat!

To make the scalloped edge, we made half-moon indents with a piping tip and cut along it with sharp knife while the dough was cold.

After brushing egg wash on top, we scored the surface to create the signature look of the galette des rois.

Look at all those layers of flaky goodness.

Chef said the Pithivier looked nice but it wasn't in the right shape. The surface of my galette wasn't flat enough and comes in at the edge. It may be that my 2 layers of dough weren't of even thickness and weren't sealed well enough. Also, my galette was a bit smaller.

For the puff pastry ingredients, I got to work pounding away (to soften) at a 2 kg block of butter.  You need to whack at it mercilessly until it’s soft enough to be added to the flour. Here is where the mistake was made. I thought each block of butter was 1kg and so I ended up doubling the amount of butter. Since it was now mixed with the flour, we had to readjust the amounts of the other ingredients to keep the proportions right.

Chef wasn’t too happy after I told him and told us to fix it. After we figured out what to do, Chef gave us different instructions. That’s when it got really messy and more mistakes were made. At the end, we did manage to finish preparing our doughs.

Then, we moved on to making chaussons aux pommes (apple turnover) again, but to be graded this time. For some reason, everyone’s turned out much worst than our first time. Maybe something was measured wrong in the dough yesterday as well? Chef also decided they were too ugly to be graded and graded our pithiviers instead. Phew, because my chaussons were definitely deformed.


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