My name is Emily and I’m an aspiring pastry chef. I travelled to Paris for a year and a half to learn as much as I could about French pastry, baking, and all things food related. I attended a 1-year Intensive Professional Program in French Pastry at École Grégoire Ferrandi in September 2011. I created this blog to share my experiences as a student and stagiaire (intern).

Before my arrival in Paris, I was living in Toronto for 7 years during which time I completed my undergraduate degree in engineering and worked in the financial industry. During these years, I could never seem to find the right place for myself in the city. I took a vacation to San Francisco, and for the first time, I noticed people who were truly happy and loved their life. This simple philosophy inspired me to think about turning my passion for baking into a career. After many years of dreaming about this life, I finally decided to do it. Despite the hardships of working in the food industry, I know that there is a happiness I cannot find elsewhere when I am mixing, piping, and decorating. And of course, I simply love to feed people.

If you’re interested in the pastry program at Ferrandi, you can check out what we learned in class starting from the very first day here. As part of my training, I had the opportunity to work in some of the best kitchens in Paris. I completed a stage at 3 Michelin starred restaurant Guy Savoy and another at Fauchon. After my adventures in Paris, I moved back home to Vancouver, B.C. to continue my journey towards becoming pastry chef. I will continue to update my blog about food discoveries, cooking, baking, and the occasional travelling.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this far! I would love to hear your comments or answer any questions you might have. Please email me!

Eat well and live happily :)


Steveston Village in Richmond, B.C.