Canelé de Bordeaux from Baillardran, Paris
Thursday, August 25, 2011

I had my first canelé from a French pastry shop in Toronto called Nadège and I instantly fell in love. Canelés are a specialty of the Bordeaux region of France. Traditionally, they are baked in copper molds which give these pastries their distinctive shiny (also from the beeswax) and dark brown crust.

After a bite through the chewy caramelized crust, you arrive at a moist and tender custard flavoured with rum and vanilla inside. This one, from Baillardran, had a perfect crust and texture but I found the rum flavour in the custard a little too strong for my tastes.

After visiting a few pastry shops around Paris, I found it was quite hard to find a good canelé. Most places bake them in silicon molds (no nice crust) and sell them over a few days so the canelés loose their distinctive crust.

Baillardran located on Level C of the railway station Gare Montparnasse in Paris.

I was happy to discover that Baillardran, a well-known canelé maker from Bordeaux, has a shop in Paris. It is a bright red shop located underground, inside one of the main railway station, Gare Montparnasse (Level C). They bake their canelés (€1.90/ regular sized) in copper molds and when you buy them, you choose how caramelized you want them, from golden (less crusty/ chewy) to dark brown (more crusty/ chewy).

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