Brunch at Cafe Medina, Vancouver
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One of my favourite brunch spots in Vancouver is Cafe Medina. They opened in 2008, following the success of their sister restaurant next door, Chambar. It’s a casual modern bistro serving Belgian-inspired dishes, a reflection of executive chef Nico Schuerman’s roots. The atmosphere is warm and lively, and it’s always very busy on the weekends. Try to go before 11am to avoid a long wait (no reservations). You can check our their menu here.

The morning I went, there were five of us so we ended up waiting a long time for a table. Luckily you can get coffee (and Belgian waffles) to-go while you wait.

The restaurant is quite long, extending into the back of a space shared with Chambar, their sister restaurant.

I love the space inside. It’s a warm wood interior with a brick wall and chic light fixtures.

Here’s their unique lavender latte ($3.60). I normally don’t like anything floral tasting in my drinks/food but this was a very good infusion. The lavender was not too strong.

Paella ($12) with curried orzo, chorizo, vegetables, avocado, watercress and egg. After trying almost the entire brunch menu (there were 5 of us), This is still my favourite brunch dish here.

Les Boulettes ($15): spicy Moroccan lamb/beef meatballs in tomato sauce with poached eggs.

The dish above comes with grilled foccacia and houmus.

Cassoulet ($15): baked beans, sausage, smoked bacon, and andouille (missing and replaced with an extra egg). After eating andouille from my school cafeteria (Paris) and restaurant staff meal (Guy Savoy), I have a pretty strong dislike of andouille (sausage of pig intestines). It’s odd because I actually enjoy eating intestines in Taiwanese dishes but both times I’ve had andouille, there’s a really strong foul smell that just wipes out my appetite.

Saumon fume ($12): cream cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, artichoke, arugula, and fried egg on ciabatta.

Tagine ($14): mergeuz sausage in a red pepper and tomato stew. Also comes with foccacia on the side.

Fricasse ($16): braised short ribs, potatoes, onions, cheddar, watercress and fried egg. My friend commented that this dish was heavily over-seasoned.

And finally, Belgian waffles ($3.15) with salted caramel if you still have room.


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