Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie & Mondial des Arts Sucrés at Europain 2012
Sunday, March 11, 2012

From March 3 – 7th, the worldwide bakery exhibition, Europain, was hosted in Paris-Nord Villepinte. It’s an event that happens every 2 years with over 80,000 visitors. It’s an opportunity for companies in the baking and pastry-making industry to showcase their products and services.

But what’s more exciting is the competitions that take place at Europain. There is the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (Bakery World Cup) and Mondial des Arts Sucrés (International Confectionary Art competition). Since the two competitions were taking place at the same time, I spent most of my time at the latter. The competitions also happen over a couple days so I wasn’t able to watch all the teams and see everything. But here’s what I did see when I visited on Sunday, March 4th.

The Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie takes place only every 4 years, it's really the olympics of bread baking.

Before making it to the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, each country has to pre-qualify by winning national and international competitions. The top 3 countries from the last competition are automatically qualified. Each country in the competition is represented by a team of 3 members who are each responsible for one of the 3 categories: bread, viennoiserie, and artistic creation.

Taiwan placed 2nd in the 2008 Bakery World Cup, so they were automatically qualified to compete this year. When I walked by the competition, they were presenting their breads to the judges so these are the only pictures I took. I also got to taste some of the viennoiseries because they hand out samples!

Team Taiwan's artistic bread showpiece.

Team Taiwan's bread collection.

Team Taiwan's viennoiserie collection.

More form team Taiwan. Look at the beautiful fine layers of their viennoiserie!

And more from team Taiwan.

Team Italy was also starting to display their products. Here's their artistic showpiece.

Here's team Italy looking very happy after finishing their breads.

And here are the results: #1: Japan, #2: U.S.A, and #3: Taiwan. And now a look at the Mondial des Arts Sucrés.

The the Mondial des Arts Sucrés is a relatively new competition, only 3 years old. It's unique in that each team from each country must be a coed pair. Part of the competition is to promote women working in an industry that is dominated by men.

Here's the very long panel of judges. For the competition, each team must make a sugar showpiece, pastillage showpiece, chocolate showpiece, 3 petits fours, 3 petits gateaux, 3 chocolate bonbons, and 2 plated desserts (hot and cold).

When I arrived, the last team (don't know which one unfortunately) was presenting their chocolate bonbons.

Team Vietnam.

Team Singapore.

Team Ukraine.

All 3 completed showpieces from Team Mexico.

Showpieces from Team Ukraine.

Showpieces from Singapore.

Chocolate showpiece from Team Japan.

Sugar showpiece from Team Japan.

And a closer look at the sugar showpiece from Team Japan because it's amazing.

Pastillage showpiece from Team Japan.

Sugar showpiece from Team Russia.

Chocolate showpiece from Team Russia.

Pastillage showpiece from Team Russia.

Chocolate showpiece from Team Morocco.

Pastillage showpiece from Team Morocco.

Sugar showpiece from Team Morocco.

Sugar showpiece from Team Ireland.

Chocolate showpiece from Team Ireland.

Pastillage showpiece from Team Ireland.

That’s it unfortunately. There are also the chocolate bonbons and petits fours that I missed from the previous day. The other teams that were scheduled to compete on the other 2 days are U.S.A, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Egypt, Georgia, Malaysia, and Colombia. In the end, Japan finished #1, Swiss #2, and France #3.



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  • ev
    March 14, 2012
    so surprising that the asian teams finished on top! Japan!? Although their stuff is quite delicious.. so hard to resist when we kept walking by all the baked goods while we were there!
  • Kebs
    March 11, 2012
    Go Taiwan :D