4th Season of weekend éclairs at Fauchon, Paris
Saturday, September 10, 2011

So what happens when you hang out with a bunch of pastry students on the weekend? Lots and lots of sugar consumption.

Yesterday, 4 of my classmates and I went to an annual éclair event at Fauchon which happens for only 3 days. They make all the featured eclairs they’ve created in the past 20 years during the event. That’s 45 different flavours!

When I walked into the store, I was blown away by the beauty of all the eclairs. The culture of the pastry world in France is very much like the fashion industry. They come up with new cakes every season, with a special theme, new flavours and innovative designs.

Inside Fauchon. Don’t they look amazing!

Inside Fauchon. They look amazing and taste amazing too!

It was quite overwhelming with so many flavours and pretty designs to choose from. We were all a little too excited and bought a total of, can you guess? 9 éclairs (€5-7 each)! And yes, we finished all of that with no problem. They were all so tasty and unique except for the foie gras & fig one which we all thought was a bit too weird. The flavour of each éclair was easily identified, very natural, and well-balanced. They were also very fresh, light, and not sweet at all. We wanted more, even after having 9 éclairs.

From top to bottom: salted Caramel (gold coloured one), grapefruit (white chocolate with tropical colours), chestnut (silver one), milk chocolate passionfruit (chocolate lightning beam), cinnamon (brown cookie chunks), chocolate hazelnut (dark chocolate glaze).

Paris Brest

White chocolate Green Tea. I actually thought the green tea flavour was too light in this one.

We took a long walk afterwards (stopping by Pierre Hermé on the way), along Rue de Rivoli, all the way to the Marais for a falafel. Gotta have some savoury food to balance the sweet. Unfortunately, it was closed (Saturday) so we had crêpes instead on the same street. This place melts the cheese outside the crêpe so it crisps up. It’s too bad the crêpe had too much filling. I find this to be a common problem with crêpes in Paris.

Crêpe with tuna, cheese, olives, mushrooms, and tomatoes. I really enjoyed the crispy melted cheese outside the crêpe but after that, the overflow of ingredients sort of ruined it.

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