Le Comptoir du Relais et La Crêperie du Comptoir, Paris
Saturday, August 20, 2011

On two separate occasions, Nelson and I dined at Le Comptoir du Relais located in the Relais Saint-Germain Hotel, as well as their casual, tapas-styled bar next door, La Crêperie du Comptoir.

Lots of outdoor seating at Le Comptoir du Relais

At Le Comptoir du Relais, we had lunch and ordered à la carte from their brasserie menu. To start, we had escargots (€7) and salad (€13) followed by the rack of lamb (€21) and hanger steak (€19) as our mains. I may be off by €1 or €2 on the prices and as with most French restaurants, they don’t have a menu online. Food description in the caption.

Escargots in garlic and herb butter. These were excellent. I was disappointed that we couldn't get one guy out of its shell.

Salad with many delicious components. There were cooked and marinated radish, artichoke, carrot, and onions which were very flavourful. The salad was topped with crunchy, fragrant, deep-fried shallots. The best salad I've had recently.

Rack of Lamb. A very tender, flavourful rack of lamb cooked perfectly. The bed of roasted peppers underneath was excellent as well. I would order this again.

Overall, the food was very good minus the hanger steak (no picture) which was far too chewy. I ordered it medium rare but it was cooked to more like medium. The steak did have great flavour which is what that cut is known for. Maybe I would’ve enjoyed the restaurant more if I had ordered something else. I also felt that the service was a bit rushed (even at 2pm) and the waiter was not very patient with my broken French. It was only my second day in Paris!

At La Crêperie du Comptoir, we ordered wine (starting at €3.40 / glass), carpaccio de rosbif (€6), artichoke (€4), carpaccio de pulple (Octopus, €6), and a crêpe du jour (€5). It is a very small, stand-only or take-out bar with a great atmosphere if you don’t mind standing and feeling a little squished. I found the servers/cooks were polite, helpful and knowledgable about the wine. And the food is very well-priced, and definitely good quality.

Carpaccio de rosbif. My favourite dish on my first visit. The meat was tender, thinly sliced, drizzled with a little tapenade and sprinkled with parmesean and chives.

Artichoke with olive oil (for dipping)

After eating the fleshy part of the artichoke leaves, they remove the inedible choke and cut up the heart for you.

Carpaccio de pulpe (octopus). The octopus was tender, sliced very thinly, with a light dressing.

Crêpe du jour with chicken, cheese, egg, and arugula. This was a massive crepe that the two of us could not finish. I felt there was an overload of ingredients which would have otherwise been an excellent crepe. I would order their crepes again with 2 or 3 ingredients. It had a nice buckwheat skin.

I came back two more times to try more of their food. My friends also really enjoyed it and we definitely plan to come back again. On later visits, I ordered a mélange de charcuterie (mix of different cured meats), gaufre de artichaut et jambon (savoury waffle with artichoke puree and ham), and fried cheese croquettes. Everything was very good, especially the waffle. Amongst 5 people, we had 2 bottles of wine and 5 dishes, all for €74.

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  • Morgan
    January 19, 2012
    Hi Emily, I am creating an Apple application that showcases top destinations around the world. I would like to use one of your images of Le Comptoir du Relais. The application is a pronouncing dictionary and your photo would be featured alongside others in a section listing the world's best restaurants. Please let me know if this would be of interest and how you would like to be credited on the image. Regards, Morgan