More (french) donuts, boston cream today
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We had our first wine class to start our day. No, none of us got drunk. That’s because we didn’t have any tastings today. Even so, our teacher recommends us to spit it out after. During our first class, we learned about the factors that affect the quality of the wine, how they are classified, and how to read a label. I learned a lot and I really enjoyed the class, it’s too bad we only have 4 lessons. Hopefully, by the end of it I’ll know enough to choose a wine not by its price.

In the lab, we continued to work on pâte à choux dough today. We made religieuse, which are two profiteroles filled crème pâtissière, glazed, and stacked on top of one another. They look just like boston cream donuts to me. Our Chef called them french snowmen.

When making pâte à choux, you know you've added enough egg to your dough when the dough makes a little hook. If it sticks up straight, add more egg, and if it makes a loop, you've added too much egg and according to Chef, there's no saving it.

Piping pâte à choux dough into small and large circles. To help us keep the sizes uniform, we took a ring, put it in flour, and stamped our baking trays.

Large profiterole for the bottom and small profiterole to go on top.

We poke holes with a small star piping tip, then use a large plain tip to fill all the profiteroles with chocolate custard which we made earlier.

Then, we make a chocolate glaze from fondant and melted chocolate, and coat half of each profiterole. After the glaze is almost set, we stack the smaller ones on top. It's important to wait until the glaze is almost set before stacking or else your profiterole will slide.

Finally, we pipe flames of coffee cream to finish.

One Glorious Comment
  • Tash
    December 30, 2013
    Those look absolutely perfect! I've been battling choux for a few days now, any chance you'd share your recipe?