My new chef whites
Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today, we all got our art supplies and workbook for art class. After flipping through the workbook, which happens to be in French, it looks like there’s going to be lots of sketching, perspective drawing and more things out of my comfort zone.

In the afternoon, Chef asked each of us if we had any art skills and what our future goal was after this program. The most common answer was to open a bakery or boulangerie. At this moment, opening my own bakery seems to be a very distant idea. There are so many departments in pastry I haven’t even had the chance to explore yet. After just one week in Paris, I realize even more how much there is to learn and discover about pastry.

In preparation for our first day in the kitchen tomorrow, we all went to the uniform shop to get our jackets, aprons, checkered pants, hair nets, and white kitchen sneakers. After measuring and trying sizes, we all had our names sewn on to our jackets. Excited!

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