Sightseeing and shopping in Copenhagen, Denmark
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I’m currently travelling with a friend I met at Fauchon. Our first stop was Copenhagen, Denmark where we stayed for 5 days. It’s a beautiful city with a very friendly population that’s fluent in English. It’s also small enough to get around by foot though you could also opt to bike like the rest of the folks. I’m impressed by how bike-friendly this city is. All the major streets have separate lanes for bikes and instead of parking, you’ll more often find bike racks surrounding the buildings.

Though it was freezing and slightly gloomy during my stay, I can see the potential for the city to be a lively, popular destination during the summertime. Activities like visiting the Tivoli Gardens, festivals, and swimming in the canals happen only during the warmer months.

If anyone’s interested, we stayed at the hostel, Guesthouse Copenhagen. It’s very clean, the rooms are spacious, and it’s within walking distance to the city centre. The only drawback is that there’s a shared washroom and I found my bed to be uncomfortably soft. However, the owners are really friendly and even offered to lend us their metro passes for the day. A decent free breakfast is provided every morning.

Below are some pictures I took around the city. Walking towards the city centre from our hostel (near Metro: Christianshavn), we cross a bridge to the island Christianshavn. This is where you’ll find the neighborhood of Christiania. It used to be a site for military housing but now it’s now home artists, hippies, and potheads. It’s sort of a special community with it’s own rules. There are lots of ‘no-picture’ signs near the area (Pusher Street) where they openly sell hash. Interestingly, it felt quite safe to explore (during the daytime) and you’ll even find parents with their kids passing through.

If you don’t feel comfortable venturing into Christiania, I really recommend taking a walk along the southeast part of the island, by the water.

In the residential areas of Christianshavn, you’ll find lots of interesting looking small houses.

And yes, you can take pictures once your outside the walls of Christiania.

Don’t be fooled by some of the houses that appear to be in a state of disrepair. You’ll be surprised to find most of them are actually occupied.

And now, continuing towards the city centre.

A typical stretch of residential and business buildings in Copenhagen.

Overgaden neden vandet, a busy street full of cafes and bars.

Continuing on the bridge towards the city centre, we see the glass library in the distance.

I don’t know much about architecture but it’s a beautiful building that’s worth a visit. On the ground floor is a cafe with a nice view of of the canal.

Outside the entrance of the library.

West view from the library.

South view from the library.

Looking up from the ground floor of the library.

This picture was taken with a lot of courage and trembling hands!

And continuing towards the city, we pass by Børsen, the former stock exchange. Here’s an example of a city that exhibits a nice harmony between medieval and modern architecture.

The building is symbolized by the spiral that comes from the tails of 4 dragons.

Continuing north from Børsen, we reach Amalienborg Palace, the Queen’s home. We caught a show of the changing guards the morning before our flight home.

Across the palace is a view of the new opera house. It’s beautiful at night when it’s illuminated by coloured lights.

Further north of the palace, we found the Little Mermaid.

And now finally for some shopping in the city centre. The main shopping area is Strøget. You’ll find just as many lifestyle, furniture, and houseware shops as there are clothing stores here.

A little playground near the main shopping area. Instilling concepts of design from an early age! 

Shopping in Strøget.

Illums Bolighus, a department store with unique furniture, houseware, and fashion.

I found these adorable cake stands!

And this one too. I want to own this whole Moomin line!

The most comfortable chair I found while furniture (window) shopping. I forgot to look at the price or name of the designer, oops.

Hay House, another similar store to Illums Bolighus.

Hay House also sells some nice stationary and office supplies.

The furniture collection at Hay House is really cute. I wonder if all Danish homes look like this?

So many things that I wanted but did not have room to carry home.

A cute collection of mugs.

The pink bubble reads, “I really want to hug you and keep you.” Aww.

The kids room. I love the rugs on the right, Pinocchio.

A little further away from the main shopping area, we found another nice furniture shop, Normann.

The Danish Design Centre, one of the places we really wanted to see, was unfortunately closed on the day we visited.

I guess I’ll have to come back again someday. Next time, it’ll definitely be during the summertime.

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  • carol
    January 15, 2013
    Very nice photos !The buildings look like they could be here in North America. The streets are so clean. You lucky girl ! Haven't seen you for a long time. Trust your folks are well.Give them our regards. Happy New Year !