Weekend Eats: Pain, Vin, Fromages, Tartes Kluger and La Pâtisserie des Rêves Take 2
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After class on Friday last week, we headed to Pain, Vin, Fromages for some bubbling pots of fondue. Here, you can order different cheese fondues (approx. €15 per person or €22 including wine), raclettes (type of cheese which is melted and scrapped off onto potatoes), and fondue bourguignonne (cooking meat in hot oil). Paris is starting to get chilly which makes melty cheese especially delicious and comforting. Just a warning though, you will reek of cheese after dinner!

Pain, Vin, Fromages. They have seating area on the ground level, as well as the basement for larger parties. I had fun eating with a group of friends and dipping my bread in everyone else's fondue pot.

My raclette with cured meat and potatoes. The mini grill in the back is used to melt individual slices of raclette which you scrape off with a mini wooden spatula onto potatoes, meat, and bread.

Melting a slice of raclette in the mini toaster.

The next day (Saturday), I met 2 friends for brunch at Tartes Kluger. At Tartes Kluger, they specialize in all tarts and quiches, sweet and savoury. For lunch, you can get a generous slice of tart and a side salad for €10. It’s also cozy and comfortable to sit and catch up with friends.

My zucchini quiche with a parmesan crumble topping.

A close-up of my zucchini quiche. I absolutely loved the crunchy parmesan topping for my quiche. The tart shell was buttery and very crisp unlike a lot of quiche crusts which tend to be a bit soft, soggy or undercooked. All their savoury tart/ quiche crusts are also studded with poppy seeds.

My friend had the chicken curry quiche which was tasty as well, and light on the curry flavour.

This is the carrot quiche which my other friend had which was also good. They really do a good job on their tart shell; every tart had the same perfect, buttery crisp pastry.

The day after that (Sunday), we re-visited La Pâtisserie des Rêves. No, the eating never ends here in Paris, not with a bunch of foodie friends! This time, we went to their location in the 16th which has a dine-in area in the back that is a sunroom. It was a perfect slow Sunday afternoon, sitting in the sun eating pastries and sipping tea.

Inside La Pâtisserie des Rêves in the 16th which is very similar to their other location but with a lot more space.

Their ginormous brioche feuiletee. All of their viennoiseries are perfectly shaped and stunning, especially in their display cases.

Apparently their Paris-Brest is supposedly the best in Paris. Since we only recently made a lot of pâte à choux in class, we haven't had the craving for more yet so we skipped.

The cute cotton serviettes and cutlery you get when you dine-in.

Our hot chocolate and 2 teas. I found my cold tea infusion too faint in flavour.

My friend's la folie, a brioche with flaky feuilletée (puff pastry) exterior. I liked the sack they put it inside, very cute. Too bad it wasn't heated or it would've served as a non-aesthetic purpose too.

Inside my friend's la folie. It tasted like a light cinnamon bun. There were raisons and nuts inside and a bit of a crumbly topping.

And here's my tarte au citron et meringue.

At first, it tasted just like a good, properly made lemon tart. But at closer inspection, there's quite a few components. Inside the crisp buttery tart shell is a hazenut biscuit, a thin layer of lemon jelly, a smooth and creamy lemon cream, and then toasted meringue.

My friend's grand cru. This was a chocolate mousse cake with crunchy bits inside. Very smooth, dark, velvety chocolate mousse. This was my favourite pastry that day.

Overall, I like La Pâtisserie des Rêves but nothing I’ve eaten at their shop was extraordinary or special. Their products are aesthetically appealing, their store concept and design beautiful and well thought-out, and their viennoiseries look stunning and perfect (it’s quite difficult to control how you want your puff pastries to rise). I’d still like to try their pistachio financier which has been sold out both times I tried to buy it. Must be good then?


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